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Chris Behrsin - Copy Editor

Chris Behrsin

Born November 1980 in Manchester, United Kingdom.

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Chris is a prolific reader and writer, and is currently hard at work on his fantasy novel Andorbal, writing various short stories and flash fiction on the side. He primarily writes in the science fiction and fantasy genre, but sometimes dives into dark fiction, comedy and travel writing. He has also been writing poetry since his teens.

When young, like many British children Chris greatly enjoyed the Roald Dahl novels. In adolescence, he found himself delving into the realms of Douglas Adams and Terry Pratchett, and he has had a love for satirical SF&F ever since. He also now enjoys, Paulo Coehlo, J.K Rowling, Orson Scott Card, James Clavell and Phillip Pullman. He also greatly enjoys more literary works, such as those of Dickens and Margaret Atwood.

Chris has a degree in philosophy, and finds works of fiction and non-fiction particularly interesting when they have a philosophical spin. He also has a masters in computing, and many years of experience as a software engineer. He abandoned this avenue, for more creative realms and is now a teacher of English in South Korea.

He is a travel addict, and has visited almost thirty countries within Europe, Africa and Asia. When travelling, he likes to experience as much as he can. He has free-fallen at 12,000 feet from a plane, climbed mountains in the rain and snow, destroyed his hands from falling off a rock face and almost
drowned whilst scuba diving. Surprisingly he is alive today, and has abandoned his more adventurous pursuits, for just hiking and exploring. Nonetheless, he believes strongly that being able to experience such things, makes him a better writer.