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Storymill Publishing Standard Manuscript Format Preparation

Follow these guidelines to format your stories in Standard Manuscript Format.

8.5 x 11 page size

Cover Title Page.

Top left of the page:
Your full real name
Phone number
Fax number
E-mail address.

On the top of the other side of the page:
List word count.

Halfway down the page:
Center the Manuscript title in caps. Full title, including the subtitle if one exists.
" By " goes below that, to be followed by the name of the author or authors if the book is a collaboration. If you wish to use a pen name, you may add one blank line and the words, "To be published under the pen name:" and then the name you have chosen.

  • 1" Margins all around
    Courier 12-point / 10-pitch
    Double-spaced - In Word, instead of clicking on double space, click on exactly, and then 25.
    1/2" indentation for the first line of each paragraph.
    The first line on the first page, and of each chapter begins on line 8 (1/3 the way down the page).
    A page header identifying the author, story, and page number on each page after the first, flush with the right page margin: Author / Title / 2.

On the first page type Chapter One on line 8. Center it. Skip a line, and start your story. Each new chapter should start on a new page, and be set up the same way

Hyphenation turned off (set in Word at Format, Paragraph, Line and Page Breaks).

"Widow/orphan control" and "keep lines together" turned off (set in Word at Format, Paragraph, Line and Page Breaks).

Left-alignment (Set in Word at Format, Paragraph, Indents and Spacing, Alignment — choose "Left").

Skip a line for a scene break. Scene breaks shown by a number sign (#) centered on an otherwise blank line.

Punctuation inside of quotation marks.
Emphasis and foreign phrases shown by italics.
Spelling checked (using American spellings) and manuscript manually proofread.

It should be saved according to the following naming convention:
Date of Submission (dd.mm.yy)_surname_first name_title of story