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Submissions Guidelines

Format your stories in Standard Manuscript Format. Send a full synopsis (outline in paragraph form), it MUST reveal the story’s main arc and ending, and chapters 1-3 in the appropriate formatting. Do not send query letters. Do not submit until you have a completed, FINAL manuscript.

Thoroughly proofread.

Submissions must meet minimum standards for correct spelling and grammar or they will be rejected, except in cases of obvious artistic license.

We will not accept previously published work. We DO NOT read simultaneous submissions, i.e. works submitted to multiple publishers at the same time. We do not accept multiple submissions. We do not accept hardcopy submissions. Carefully review genre limitations. If your novel does not fall within the publishing scope of Storymill Publishing, please do not submit.

Storymill Publishing has no minimum or maximum word or page counts. Use the number of words necessary to tell the story correctly. As a general rule of thumb, novels should be at least 70,000 words in total length. We will work closely with accepted authors through the final editing process. That said, we fully expect original submissions to be polished and ready for press. If your submission needs a lot of editing, consider Storymill Self-Publish Plus.

Storymill Publishing will send an email confirming within 48 hours (Mon-Fri) that we received your submission. If you receive no confirmation email, that means we have not received your submission, for whatever technical reason.

Please allow 12 weeks for editorial consideration of submissions. Please contact us by email if that time lapses without response. Put the title of your submission and the date submitted in the subject line. If your submission is not chosen, we will let you know that your work is no longer under consideration by email. If your manuscript is accepted, a Storymill Publishing editor will be in contact with you.


We accept artwork submissions ( Artwork ).