Storymill Publishing will begin accepting submissions in November 2010 to fill publication slots for our 2011 production schedule. Storymill Publishing will work with emerging and established authors to produce Direct-To-Reader published e-Books and paper-Books. Our goal is to publish entertaining and high-quality books in both the electronic and traditional print formats to the reader.

In November 2010 Storymill Publishing will begin accepting electronic queries in all genres for publication. Submissions are for ELECTRONIC PUBLICATION ONLY. E-books allow a book to be read on a PDA, cell phone, computer or a stand-alone e-book reader. All titles for paperback publication will be by invitation only.

Storymill Published

Since we have limited resources, we can only offer Storymill Published to quality manuscripts within our genre needs that require tuning, not an overhaul. Storymill provides editing, cover art and ISBN number. 

There is a distinction between a storyteller and a writer. You may be a great storyteller, with a rich, amazing story to share with the world. This does not necessarily mean you can produce an acceptably typo-free and correctly punctuated piece of writing. Publishers, and the reading public, will reject a manuscript laden with technical errors. 

Crafting a novel requires putting an enormous amount of work into becoming the best writer you can possibly be. New authors can no longer expect publishing houses to do vast editing and proofreading for him. The manuscript will not make it past the initial cut. With an established publishing house it is common that less than 4 percent of manuscripts submitted are accepted and published. They simply do not make it through the acquisitions department rigorous requirements.

So what to do? There have only been two options available in the past. Spend thousands of hours learning the task of editing as well as that of correctly formatting your story, or pay someone to do what you cannot. Then you still run the risk of rejection by the publishing houses. This leaves you back at square one, with a great story, not published.

This often occurs because the manuscript requires more work than the publishing house is willing or able to commit to the work. There are many places where you will be advised that a writer should not have to pay anything to be published. The irony here is an author always pays. The form of payment just varies. It can cost them ever getting their work published if they do not seek professional help. If they do get professional help -they pay- usually a rather high fee, for freelance editing.

Of course once the work is published, the publishing house always makes their cut. How do you think they can afford to keep on reams of people to do all that editing, proofing, slush pile work, etc.? The author pays by the percentage, the publishing house recoups their investment and makes a profit from the portion of the proceeds they keep.

At Storymill Publishing we do have the availability for a number of works to be Storymill Published in each genre, each year. Those works must be submitted ready to be polished and formatted for publication.

Self-Publish Plus

This led us to offer Self-Publish Plus. Storymill Publishing is not a large firm with vast resources. We can help, if you have a good story, to complete the process to turn it into a readable novel. With Self-Publish Plus we offer writers the opportunity to polish their novels, at a reasonable investment. For works that need additional time and effort to be ready for publication, the usual route is rejection. Storymill Publishing offers those writers Self-Publish Plus. For a reasonable fee, we work with the writer to groom the manuscript so that it can reach the point of publish ready.

Storymill can offer Self-Publish Plus because it allows us to off-set our costs by the reasonable fees. It can be a winning situation for writers who need the additional help to reach publishable level for their manuscripts. If we accept a manuscript into this program, it WILL be published, so your investment will not leave you with a great story, unpublished. Self-Publish Plus includes editing, cover art and ISBN number. Submit your manuscript for a quote.


For the writer who has the desire and skills to do it all themselves we offer Self Publish. With this we simply format the book for publication, no editing or proofing. If you are ready to publish your polished novel, but lack the technical expertise, this is for you. Storymill will take your manuscript, as you submit it, and format it to e-publish. Storymill provides an ISBN number.


For the writer that wishes to do it all themselves.
Simple step-by-step instructions.
 Self-Publish Plus

We do not take on every project that is submitted. We are interested in the potential in every author. However, with the amount of resources that Storymill Publishing pours into each project, we have to be selective with the works we choose. We want your book to be a success!

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 Storymill Published

First submit a manuscript. Make sure your work is a Rich Text Format document. Fill out the form and attach your document. Once we receive your manuscript, it will be reviewed by our editorial staff. Please allow at least 48 hours for review and an associate from Storymill Publishing will contact you concerning your work. We look forward to making your dream a reality!
Storymill Publishing Novel Revision. Information designed to aid writers in achieving a polished manuscript.

We are open to all genres as stated in our guidelines. At this time we are actively seeking the following:

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